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Updated May 19, 2009

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E for Excellence WWII Flag Found

In the most recent issue of the Schrade Almanac we talked about the E for Excellence flag and that two were in the Schrade Factory collection.  We wondered about the location of the second flag, as we knew one was in a private collection. We were informed by the Vice-President of the NKCA David Mullins (and acting President at the moment) that the E for Excellence flag that Schrade won during WWII is currently in the National Knife Museum inside Smoky Mountain Knife Works in Sevierville, Tennessee. Ask about it next time you stop by the museum.

New Feature: Knife of the Month

Each month we will profile a Schrade Knife--and if you would like to send a knife in with some info about it, how about sharing it here with other SCCS members. Send to schradecollectors@yahoo.com.

The Knife above with the button chain is a simple crimped bolster swell end jack, two blade, with the second blade being a bottle opener/screwdriver.  The artwork is a cowboy. But the neat thing about this one is under the acetate cover, as a part of the handle, obviously made up as a prototype, (or as a joke) are the words, "Hopalong Baer".

The knife was found in the Ellenville factory by the buyer who purchased the Schrade factory collection prior to the bankruptcy auction.

Counter Felts

In the old days of cutlery sales, knives were placed on boxes with a two knife velvet tray on top, and housed within large glass showcases.  Knives being metal, had a tendency to scratch the tops of glass showcases--and the solutions was a piece of felt on which to lay the knife when showing it to a customer. 

The cutlery companies often imprinted these felts with their company logo. And even rarer are the felts with knives featured on them. 

One of the leaders was a company located on 20 Canal Street in Ellenville, and here's one of their original felts. 


Links You Will Enjoy

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licensee of Schrade-Walden 

Knife Auctions of all knives, including vintage and modern Schrade and related Schrade Family knives

Great site for US made Schrade, including .pdfs of vintage paper!




The Schrade Cutlery Collectors Society Begins 

And we ask you to be a part of it from the Charter Membership stage. 

The history of Schrade Cutlery and itís affiliated companies is the history of American cutlery and its evolution, from the Sheffield cutlers starting Ulster and New York Knife right up to the mourned closing of Schrade and Camillus and the continuing history of inheritors of that heritage. The SCCS has the aim of preserving and celebrating that heritage and history, of promoting and enhancing the collecting of Schrade knives and their affiliated companies. 

The goal is to re-invent the collectors club, utlizing the latest in technology, in ideas, and in enthusiasm. Our Advisory Board includes current Schrade President Stewart Taylor, Smoky Mountain Knife Works President Kevin Pipes, and noted Schrade author Richard Langston among others. 

But we need more help to make it succeed up to its potential--we need you as a member! Charter memberships are available for only a limited time--and the first issue of the Almanac will be ready soon--so join now to take advantage of every benefit available. 

Guaranteed: If you are not 100% satisfied with your membership at the end of one year simply return the charter membership knife in mint condition and receive a full refund. Join now!

A Note from the Executive Director:

Hi, Welcome to this first website of the SCCS.  We will be upgrading and developing this site as time permits.  Check back often as we will be updating with collector events and news regularly. 

As for my background in knives, I was elected to the Board of Directors of the National Knife Collectors as Secretary in 1980, and over the years was the show manager of The Blade Show for 13 years, and currently manage the Knives Illustrated Spirit of Steel Knife Show.

Debra G. Voyles

If you own any of the following knives The Schrade Cutlery Collectors Society is your new home!

Among the names that are a part of the Schrade heritage and history are: New York Knife, Keen Kutter, Walden Knife Company, Schrade Cutlery, Ulster Knife Company, Imperial, Kingston, Camillus, Press Button Knie Company, Flylock, George Schrade, Boker, Case, Remington, John Primble, Belknap, Uncle Henry, Schrade Walden, Ducks Unlimited. Together we will celebrate and encourage the collecting of these and other brands, and enhance your collecting of those knives as well!

 One of the rarest know Schrade collectibles.  7 mint switchblades, when plugged in the thumb trips one blade, a mechanical lever trips the back blade, then arms close both blades and it repeats.  Pristine mint and came from the Schrade factory after the close.  Shown here as exhibited at the 2006 Knives Illustrated Spirit of Steel Show. Owned by Jerry Skelton.


1948 View of the original Schrade Walden factory in Walden, New York